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Karan Sharma

This is our 6th year. Over the numbers of years, the number of exhibitors even for our product range wallcoverings has gone up. We also have an All India Wallpaper Coverings Association platform being given by HGH India which is kind of good thing which is happening. So lot of new exhibitors have come in the fair which shows how the industry is growing, how the product is growing, which in itself speaks volume to the people who come here and see that industry is healthy, that you have so many exhibitors exhibiting this product and being a premium brand I think that put us also on top of the heap of the pile. This year we have done lot of work on the digital wallcovering and we have tie up with Krishna Mehta who is very famous Indian designer, who has developed a brand new range for us so that has been one of the highlights and everyone who have come here and seen the collection has been astounded by the kind of design varieties which has been launched by us. So it’s been the digital wallcovering has been highlighted for us.