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(Last Date for online Visitor Registration: 15th June 2022)

HGH India is introducing HGH India Plus. It would allow its visitors early and exclusive access to HGH India 2022 trade show on the first day i.e. 12th July, 2022. This will also hold exclusive access to the HGH India Plus Lounge. HGH India Plus is absolutely Free with certain eligibility. It is personal to the holder and not to the company/ retailer.

Eligibility Criteria for HGH India Plus Visitor

  1. Any visitor applying for HGH India Plus should represent any business like Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Import, Export, Furniture Manufacturing, Interior Design, Architecture, Institutional Buying, Gift Supplies or Buying House
  2. Visitor applying for HGH India Plus should have direct business interest in product categories like, home décor, furniture, home textile, gifts & houseware
  3. All HGH India Plus applicants must be buying decision maker in their organisation
  4. Applicant’s organisation must be registered under GST
  5. If a reseller, Annual Buying of the applicant should be at least 5 crores
  6. If an institutional or corporate buyer, Annual Buying of the applicant should be at least 50 lacs
  7. Eligible HGH India Plus members should deal in some well-known national or international brands in at least one of the five categories like, home décor, small furniture, home textiles, gifts & houseware
  8. You should be at least 5 years in business. If new entrant your investment should be at least 2 crores.
  9. Issuing of HGH Plus Card is at the sole discretion of the organisers. Applying for the same is no confirmation acceptance of the application.
  10. Last day to apply for HGH India Plus is 15th June, 2022.

Privileges for HGH India Plus Visitor

  1. HGH India Plus Card for HGH India 2022.
  2. Can meet exhibitors at HGH India 2022 exclusively on the HGH India Plus reserved day i.e. 12th July 2022
  3. Free Access to HGH India Plus lounge
  4. One Complimentary copy of HGH India Trend Book 2022-23 on request
  5. Complimentary copy of HGH India 2022 Catalogue
  6. Complimentary Parking Ticket on Arrival at the venue valid only for 12th July, 2022
  7. Free Access to HGH India on regular show days of July 13-15, 2022
  8. Free Shuttle Bus Service.

If you meet the above eligibility criteria, please click below on HGH India Plus Visitor Registration tab.
If you do not meet the above criteria, please click on HGH India Visitor Registration tab.