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HGH India 2017 recorded 22% increase in trade visitors over last year taking their numbers to 30,700 from 25,140 in 2016. The number of Indian cities and towns they came from also went up to 462 from 422 last year (See Bar Chart below), indicating deeper and wider reach of HGH India in the Indian market. HGH India attracts only serious trade buyers which include a diverse hierarchy of buying decision makers from large, modern, specialty, traditional, online and electronic media retailers, distributors, wholesalers, institutional & corporate gift buyers, interior designers and others. Regional spread of visitors has also increased three times in a matter of six editions. 500 exhibitors also indicated a 12% increase over previous edition. Exhibitors from 30 countries unveiled their latest innovations to the Indian home trade at this show.

Going by the visitor feedback during spot surveys at HGH India 2017, over 90% of the visitors are expected to come back again for HGH India 2018. With over 20% growth in Indian market for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts, several new stores are coming up across the country. Entry of new brands & retailers in the category coupled with the increasing popularity of HGH India in the Indian trade are bound to result in substantial increase in visitors at HGH India 2018. The organisers are going all out on additional visitor promotion efforts within the country as well as at global trade forums. Growth in exhibitors and visitors over the last six editions and detailed detailed visitor profile is given below:





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